[Wine] WIne Problems on Debian

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Jun 13 14:31:48 CDT 2012

Wine seems broken on Debian Sid. There were scripting problems updateing to 
1.4.6. Current version updated to 1.4.7 OK.

Problem: Wine is looking for .so in /usr/local/lib/wine which no longer 
exists. I can stop this by symlinking, not to /usr/lib/wine but to 
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine Previous versions seemed to like the local .so's 
but they should not have still been around so I removed them.

Tip off was conflicting wine client/server numbers! Is there some config file 
I need to change. I had purged them all.

Question is why the Debian=installed version is looking for those local libs?

Problem: With the symlink, wine will run. There seem to be problems with 
libwine-alsa and Jammer Pro6 aborts with an error. Some MIDI apps work, some 
do not but I had using them OK as of 1.2.3 (testing) but downgrading to that 
no longer works.

Debian also has 1.5.0 wine-unstable packages. Are these better? I got the same 
errors with them but a least they were not looking for anything in 

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