[Wine] E-sword and Wine

jbfps116 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 14 14:34:26 CDT 2012

I had E-sword 10.10 (latest version) running PERFECTLY on Linux Mint 12 Gnome 3 with WINE 1.3.28!!! 

However, I had to switch computers. Now I'm on Linux Mint 13 Mate with WINE 1.4. E-sword opens, but gets a tiny error box that says "0." I have to click it about 4 times, then it says "Error opening Topic notes." And then the program opens, but you can't use the topic notes. 

1. I uninstalled Wine 1.4. 

2. I downloaded the 1.3.28 tar.gz file, and after MUCH searching, figured out how to compile it. HOWEVER, after it finished, I opened the configure Wine app, and in "about," IT SAID IT WAS VERSION 1.4!!! (It must have auto-updated itself somewhere in the process :(- )And E-sword still didn't work right. 

3. And now, after getting some Wine 1.4 updates in the Update MAnager, E-sword doesn't open at all!!! 

PLEASE HELP! I need to use E-sword every Friday!

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