[Wine] Re: Bad Grapes?

Roger Davis wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 14 21:42:38 CDT 2012

It tries to start an applet, which enables downloading of readings from a meter by infrared connection.  Here is a page that has an explanation of it.  You can't get to the real one unless you sign in.   It's when I click on "Upload Meter", and it goes to the actual page that the problems start.


Here is the "error message":

Be sure that your computer has the minimum hardware and software requirements for using Diabetes Assistant Program.
    Intel® Pentium® 90MHz processor
    32 Megabytes of RAM
    Monitor graphics adapter running with 800x600 resolution and 256 colors
    Serial or bus mouse
    28.8 modem or broadband connection (network interface card or DSL)
    Available RS-232 com port
    A graphics printer with a properly installed Windows driver 
    Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP SP1, Windows XP Professional
    Recommended browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 1&2, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

Please explain "agent switcher", and how I can try that.


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