[Wine] Problem with Windows Java/Mathemaica under wine

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Sat Jun 16 17:10:01 CDT 2012

On Sat, 2012-06-16 at 17:00 -0500, David Bailey wrote:
> I would like to run the Windows version Mathematica 7.0 on 64-bit Fedora 17, using wine.This may seem a little strange, because Wolfram Research do produce a linux version of this software.  However, I have Windows users for clients, so to use Linux,
> I really would like to run the same software as they will run.
Are you sure that the Java component is reasonably current? The
reference to the Sun URL rather than to an Oracle one makes me wonder if
there's a more recent version. If there is, it may be a good idea to try


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