[Wine] keymaps and scancodes

rekuli wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 17 11:12:08 CDT 2012

Sorry if I re-ask a question, but I couldn't find a satisfying answer yet to the following problem:

I installed wine on a UTF-8 Linux system, and everything works fine (running Wine 1.3.something, currently).  But when I installed some games where you can use ^(~ on german keyboards) to open a console, nothing happens. Even when I  ported some windows games over - installed in wine, deleted gamedir, copied gamedir from old windows installation - it does not work.  And it does not matter if run wine as X11 wm or inside another wm.
Do I need to tell windows to use scancodes instead of the host OS's keymappings? How do I do that?

Thanks for any idea.

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