[Wine] Firewire audio devices with non-ALSA drivers and WINE

GoaSkin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 19 15:30:23 CDT 2012


I use an Alesis IO|26 firewire audio device that works under Linux using drivers from the FFADO project but does not work with ALSA.

Currently, only JACK supports FFADO as driver backend. To use the card as default audio device, I have to use jack as backend for pulseaudio and FFADO as backend for JACK.

Because WINE itself cannot access the audio devices from the pulseaudio server, I am looking for a solution to use the audio device for any Windows application that runs with WINE.

The WINEASIO driver does not seem to be a solution for me because I don't want to have sound with music applications only. I want to have somehow sound with any Windows application that does not use ASIO. 

So is there any workaround to use the Jack server as default audio backend in WINE? Currently, winecfg does not recognize any device.

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