[Wine] Hardwood solitaire III

Robert Benjamin benjie1 at cox.net
Thu Jun 21 13:15:44 CDT 2012

      In the Appdb I found a previous problem I had with Hardwood 
Solitaire on 8/16/10, wine v 1.2 Upgraded to 1.5.6 and tried running it 
but nothing happens at all. Tried setting it to windows xp, 2000, 95, 
98, and global. Still I get nothing at all. The installer is 
hwsoliii.exe and it did install but won't run. Using Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit 
and installed wine from winehq, downloads, as user. So things went OK 
til I tried to run it. BTW, it did eventually run great back in 2010 
with your help. Thanks.    Bob

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