[Wine] Fwd: Hardwood solitaire III

Robert Benjamin benjie1 at cox.net
Mon Jun 25 11:01:20 CDT 2012

On 06/22/2012 02:10 PM, John Drescher wrote:
>>      In the Appdb I found a previous problem I had with Hardwood
>> Solitaire on 8/16/10, wine v 1.2 Upgraded to 1.5.6 and tried running it
>> but nothing happens at all. Tried setting it to windows xp, 2000, 95,
>> 98, and global. Still I get nothing at all. The installer is
>> hwsoliii.exe and it did install but won't run. Using Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit
>> and installed wine from winehq, downloads, as user. So things went OK
>> til I tried to run it. BTW, it did eventually run great back in 2010
>> with your help. Thanks.    Bob
> Run it in the terminal and past the output on pastebin.com linking here.
> John

lost the output from a few days ago so did it over now with the new 
output above. Thanks     Bob

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