[Wine] Re: Banned web site / banned topic ?

Usurp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 1 10:25:21 CST 2012

dimesio wrote:
> Usurp wrote:
> > Why are you replacing known spammers with these "banned" strings ?
> > 
> Some spammers are persistent and just create another forum account and/or post from another IP address after one is banned. This prevents their spam URLs from ever being posted in the first place, regardless of where they're posting from.
> > This forbids anti-spam filters & programs to do their jobs properly.
> Set your spam filter to filter out "banned topic" and "banned web site" for the wine-user's list.

I am already doing it - but that is not my point.
Many antispam programs try to learn from what they analyse with URL schemes and spam contents. Our current approach blocks that.

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