[Wine] Problems with ImgBurn, err:aspi:ASPI_GetNumControllers

Carlos Mason wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 1 21:48:12 CST 2012

I don't know exactly when, but something about my Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) installation has changed that seems to have broken Wine when it comes to detecting ASPI devices, because I get the following error.

err:aspi:ASPI_GetNumControllers Could not open HKLM\L"HARDWARE\\DEVICEMAP\\Scsi"

I tried searching the forums with the Forums -> Search for info about this error, but I got no results.  If there are threads dealing with this topic elsewhere, I'd gladly move my discussion there.  I also searched in the bug tracker for "ASPI_GetNumControllers" and the three references I found don't quite fit my case.  I'm not getting any "ioctl" related errors, I'm not running OS X, and as far as I can tell the mount points for my optical drive have the correct permissions.  Though in LMDE, most optical media is auto-mounted, bypassing the static mount points anyway.

>From what I can deduce, whatever underlying component of LMDE Wine relies on to enumerate SCSI devices is not doing what it used to.  As a result Wine (I presume) doesn't generate the "Scsi" key under "DEVICEMAP" and ImgBurn can't find any ASPI compliant devices.  I'd try rolling back whatever it is that is supposed to do this, I'd guess libhal or libdbus if the Recommended Packages wiki page (http://wiki.winehq.org/Recommended_Packages) is anything to go by.

However, I'd like some confirmation that my hunch is leading me in the right direction and what version I should be looking to test.  Or does anyone here have some other ideas about what might be wrong.  For example, I did have some problems installing the proprietary fglrx drivers.  Something about a bad "dkms.conf" file.  I seem to have resolved that, but perhaps there's a kernel module that just isn't quite right.  Or perhaps some other kernel related issue...  My level of Linux expertise is probably somewhere between an apprentice and a journeyman.

FYI, I attempted to figure this out using various versions of Wine including 1.3.32 from the frickelplatz (http://www.frickelplatz.de/debian/dists/sid/installed/) repository, 1.3.37 from Wine for Debian Sid (http://www.winehq.org/download/debian) page, and 1.2.3, 1.3.30, 1.3.37, 1.4-rc5 using PlayOnLinux.  All are affected, a prime reason I think some other OS component is to blame.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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