[Wine] Re: What about performance in 3D games?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 4 09:57:21 CST 2012

Alex_G wrote:
> So... why Wine need to use Direct3D > OpenGL calls translations?

Because Direct3D is MS proprietary API and not available on any other O/S. It requires special low-level interaction with video drivers, that's why native d3d*.dll won't work on Wine.

To answer your other questions: Forget about "emulation" word. Wine _implements_ win32 API on top of "Linux" API (not really correct, it's POSIX, OpenGL, etc. API but enough to give an idea). For D3D Wine obviously uses OpenGL, since that's the only 3D acceleration method available on all OSes.

Wineserver is a part of Wine that keeps shared information between processes (ex: handles) and does some other system interactions that regular process can't do directly (opening files, sockets, etc). Something that Windows' kernel would do.

Alex_G wrote:
> As I can guess, wineserver handles the system calls going from application and after some processing sends them into the kernel?

Not correct. Many places in Wine call libraries that in turn end up calling kernel. Not every system call goes through wineserver.

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