[Wine] Re: No sound in Wine 1.3.37 (tried known solutions already)

The Wanderer wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 4 10:51:20 CST 2012

I already did (though I did do it manually, based on the configure output and the config.log error messages, rather than using a guide which might be outdated and/or not apply to my setup). The remaining "feature not enabled" messages from the end of the 32-bit side of the Wine configure process are:

configure: OpenCL 32-bit development files not found, OpenCL won't be supported.
configure: gstreamer-0.10 base plugins 32-bit development files not found, gstreamer support disabled
configure: libgsm 32-bit development files not found, gsm 06.10 codec won't be supported.

configure: WARNING: libjpeg 32-bit development files not found, JPEG won't be supported.

These are all due to the relevant libraries not being available (in appropriate architectural configurations) via Debian. At a glance, none of them seem likely to be relevant to the problem at hand.

This is with a configure command line of

../../clean/configure --with-wine64=../wine64

in case it matters. Wine64 was built immediately prior to this build, with a command line of

../../clean/configure --enable-win64

and the only feature listed as missing in that configuration is OpenCL.

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