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Kirino wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 5 06:14:41 CST 2012

Hi everyone!

I have a university group project on a virtual machines course in which we should work on a VM system. We have to fulfill at least one of the fowling goals:

- Evaluation: relevant performance analysis, benchmarking, comparison among VM technologies, detailed CPU and memory usage analysis, workload study, identification of hot-spots for optimization, analysis of VM behaviour or data in relevant situations (check briefly via mail), ...
- Deployment: relevant, no-simple, mostly automated (your scripting) deployment in a useful situation (check briefly via mail), monitoring, instrumentation....
- Advanced Usage: relevant employment of VM-related technology to a specific scenario, e.g., to extend/optimize/instrument/further develop existing application, protocol, repeated research described in a paper (e.g., VEE, JVM, PPPJ, ASPLOS, CGO, or systems/language/architectures conferences), etc. (check briefly via mail).
-Extension: extend the actual VM technology with a useful optimization of existing functionality (e.g., one of the mechanisms mentioned in the previous section), or by incorporating one previously unavailable (possibly related to other VM technology), and analyse its merits. The grading dos not impose performance benefits

The project will take place until the 11th of May and the group is composed of 3 people.

So my question is, with this short time, no previous knowledge on the Wine architecture, and only 3 people, what do you think that we should do? That is, do you think there's is any task we could take in order to help the community.


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