[Wine] d3d_caps error

plantperson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 5 11:53:33 CST 2012

Hello all,
I just installed Linux Mint Debian Edition, which I have used in the past with Wine, and I'm trying to get Riven to run (which, again, I've used with Wine on this OS before). Wine isn't in the LMDE repository anymore for some reason, so I had to compile it myself (v. 1.2.3). I was able to install the game without a hitch, but when I try to run the EXE I get:

fixme:d3d_caps:select_card_intel_mesa Card selection not handled for Mesa Intel driver
fixme:d3d_caps:init_driver_info Unhandled vendor 8086.

I've never had any issues running Riven on wine in the past, including on this machine running this OS. Any thoughts?

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