[Wine] Re: What about performance in 3D games?

Alex_G wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 6 04:12:11 CST 2012

Donno if smb interesting yet, but I did some CPU usage comparative tests within WinXP and Ubuntu 11.10, KDE Plasma (dual boot in my PC).

Can't still realize why the "top" console command shows me a bit different numbers of CPU utiliz. by applicaton than the System Monitor emb with KDE. (like 90-98% in "top" and 60-70 in SysMon).

Here I ran three games: "Nexuiz" (Win & Lin vers), "Life For Speed S2", and "Far Cry" in both systems with the same graphics configs, windowed 800x600. 

Noticed, that for "Nexuiz" (Linux ver.) and for "LFS" CPU Total Load is more than in Windows, as if in numbers:

Windows ver. for WinXP, and Linux ver. for Ubuntu (same respawn point at 2d map):
|| Win: 44-62% || Lin: 60-84% ||

(avail. only Win. vers.)
|| Win: 26-30% || Lin: 50-55% ||

and the last

(avail. only Win. vers.)
|| Win: 50-52% || Lin: 51-55% ||

"Far Cry" as seems shows same results when windowed (800x600) as with FPS as with CPU load. When I run it fullscreen 1280*1024 (even in apart X-session), FPS indicators differs from 15 to 25 frames less than in Windows, in some scenes it less by double, but still playable (at 20-30 fps) well but it's just pretty old game =).

Machine spec.: AMD 64X2 4400+, 2 Gb RAM, NVidia GTS 8600 256 Mb.

So, any ideas why in Linux these games demand more CPU resources? (Even if we take Nexuiz for Linux, see the results)

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