[Wine] Re: Joystick mapping "wrong"

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 6 08:02:56 CST 2012

faelmc wrote:
> Dinput with winetricks, the game does not open. crash

Check that winetricks installed both dinput.dll & dinput8.dll. And that both are set to native.

faelmc wrote:
> so I made new tests.
> X,Y,Z,Rx,POV2
> X,Y,POV2
> Z,Rx,POV2
> Rx,Ry,POV2
> Rx,Ry,Slider1,Slider2,POV2
> but still nothing has changed

When you say "nothing changed" you mean joystick still work exactly the same as before? Or doesn't work at all?

Please generate log with WINEDEBUG=+dinput wine game.exe &> file.log and upload somewhere.

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