[Wine] Re: Problems with Flatout

Alex_G wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 6 14:17:05 CST 2012

Actually command line must looks this:

wine /home/joao/.wine/drive_c/Programas/Empire\ Interactive/FlatOut2/FlatOut2.exe
(backslash must be added where the space between words is present)

or like this 
wine "/home/joao/.wine/drive_c/Programas/Empire Interactive/FlatOut2/FlatOut2.exe"[/color]
(quotes added, no backslash needed)

as about zlib error, either you have some files damaged either the game meets something else that incompatible, I dunno. 
Wait, I'll try to run the game with unpacked bfs-files maybe it will help.

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