[Wine] Re: Problems with Flatout

Alex_G wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 7 12:42:56 CST 2012

So, all your bfs-files has been extracted without any problems?

Did you replace FlatOut2.exe or some other files manually from somewhere after the game come installed? (from some "Crack" folder etc& for example?)

Maybe you have to download another version of ISO from another resource?

as with flatout2.db - what size of the file do you have (in Kilobytes)? 
Mine is 344.1 Kb (352 332)

Maybe your exe-file is just incompatible (for example 1.0 and other components are 1.2)

I dunno what else and where it could be wrong.

If you want I could give you mine flatout2.db for you may check with it whether it run or not. I could do it via E-Mail. You may tell the address over PM

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