[Wine] more on Re: wine creates weird pref file for mac program

daniel smith dss1209 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 14:01:13 CST 2012

just to follow up, i should say i haven't the faintest idea how this
works.  i was prompted to install wine while downloading a minor program
form the web and just clicked "ok."  i now see on the forum that it's all
very complicated and there's all sorts of setup to properly install wine.
which of course i didn't do.  i dont' really need it and just want it gone,
but obviously the directions for uninstall missed something, or i misread
but i've done it twice so don't think so.  just adding that so you'll know
i need very basic instructions if you're able to help.  MANY thanks, ds

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 2:51 PM, daniel smith <dss1209 at gmail.com> wrote:

> i recently installed wine and now find that with a regular mac program (a
> music program called sing&see) it somehow gloms onto it and screws it up so
> it opens but won't do anything--and there is a "wine" menu item next to the
> regular sing&see menu.  i've uninstalled wine as per the directions in the
> wiki.  but it keeps somehow still recreating a pref file in the library
> called org.kronenberg.WineBottler_SingandSee_Student.plist every time i
> reinstall the program.
> i'm actually not sure how this posting works--will responses get sent to
> me automatically?  i assume you can see my email adress, which is, just in
> case, dss1209 at gee mail.  i've tried subscribing to the forum but
> cannot--it asks me to answer a text confirmation question that does  not
> appear on the screen!
> okay, thanks very much in advance for your help, whoever you are!
> ds
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