[Wine] Re: Mouse still not working properly on OS X with 1.4

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 8 10:50:15 CST 2012

This isn't specifically a Wine bug I don't think.

I can reproduce it with normal Wine and XQuartz, and it only happens after Xinput2 changes for mouse control in Wine, but I think the problem may be in XQuartz and not in Wine... its easy to work around the bug in XQuartz, you just launch XQuartz and make sure its fully working, then start Wine.. don't start Wine and have it launch XQuartz directly.  WineskinX11 is made off XQuartz, and it starts fresh every time for the wrapper in Wineskin so the bug is seen on every launch.  Basically the bug is that the X mouse cursor and the Mac OS X cursor are not lined up on the screen, they are in slightly different spots.

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