[Wine] Re: Mouse still not working properly on OS X with 1.4

qparis wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 8 14:55:02 CST 2012

clocknova wrote:
> paulthetall wrote:
> > Thats not entirly true, I tested it also in Crossover 11 which has 1.4 and has the same mousebug in testdrive. It is also in other games. Besides that Issue does not appear in 1.4 RC3 but only above that version (RC4/5/6)
> I get this issue in all 1.4 release candidates.  In fact, for the last several releases of 1.3, with Oblivion I get no mouse cursor at all.  I think 1.3.18 was the last version I could use.

Wasn't it 1.3.16 ?

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