[Wine] Wine and Random Crashing

Frédéric Delanoy frederic.delanoy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 17:59:46 CST 2012

On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 22:16, SolisX <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I was just on Guild Wars on wine-1.4rc6. I got 2 random crashes in a 6 hour period. And
> i seam to get random crashing of different games just out of the blue. I have looked online
> about this issue. I heard that you need the following in the Direct3D key
> "DirectDrawRenderer"="opengl"
> "Multisampling"="enabled"
> "OffscreenRenderingMode"="fbo"
> "PixelShaderMode"="enabled"
> "RenderTargetLockMode"="auto"
> "StrictDrawOrdering"="enabled"
> "UseGLSL"="enabled"

> Does anyone know if this is true?  I thought this was all default stuff. And if this
> is true why is it not in the registry by default?

http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys provides information.
Note that if you change setting for a specific game, you should rather
install it on a separate wineprefix, since that could have adverse
consequences on other games.

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