[Wine] New winetricks 20120308: support wine-1.4, new verbs ao, cmd, mspatcha, msvcirt, sdl

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Mar 8 19:40:12 CST 2012

Another major release of wine, another winetricks release :-)

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Changes since 20111115:

Ahmed Waheed:
ao: new verb

Austin English
dotnet20sp1: fixed
dotnet30_sp1: add missing registry entries
dotnet35: adjust to Focht's recipe
dotnet40: new verb, based on steps from Anastasius Focht.
mono210: update to 2.10.8
mspatcha: new verb
sdl: new verb
vcrun6, vcrun6sp6: don't use its native msvcrt, too old
Add a hack for 1.4-rc* support, preliminary support for 1.4/1.4.x/1.5.x
Also try gksu/kdesu if the sudo versions are not available. Fixes Issue 164.
Fix indentation/typo
Use a wrapper function for wineserver, fixes issue 142.

Dan Kegel
braid: updated.
cmd: new verb
dotnet30: don't fail on older wine where no fake fontcache service exists
dotnet40: fix fail on 2nd run of verb
droid: updated
firefox: update to 10.0.2
flash: updated
hegemonygold_demo: updated.
me2_demo: get exit status right
msvcirt: new verb (like mfc42, it's a subset of vcrun6)
nook: updated
opensymbol: updated
secondlife: updated
shockwave: updated
sketchup: update checksum.  -q install a bit off, user has to click three times.
utorrent, utorrent3: updated
vc2005express: warn if 7z not available.  Fixes bug 157.
vc2005trial: finally mention bug 27987, and that it will be fixed in 1.3.38
videomemorysize=2048: new value
windowscodecs: don't fail because fake photometadatahandler.dll
exists.  Also use native-only override because AF said so; don't have
an app to test with here.
winetricks: don't barf on version 1.4
wmp9: mark as fixed in 1.3.35
wot: fix bug number, mark fixed in 1.3.33
Complain if WINE is set wrong
Download using axel if it's installed.
Fix typo: it's w_die, not die.
Preserve exit status in cleanup handler.  Makes it easier to do git
bisect runs on winetricks.
Quote even more paths.  SHould work when dank contains a space.  Also
use USERNAME rather than LOGNAME for consistency.
The --no-isolate info message is a bit confusing, and was breaking the unit test
When -v is given, also print $WINE and output of $WINE --version

Mathieu Malaterre:
cmake: update to 2.8.6.  Fixes bug 158.

Vitaly Lipatov:
One more rpm dependency checker bypass: don't refer to ddrescue directly.

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