[Wine] Re: Extremely bad performance in games

Alex_G wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 9 06:10:54 CST 2012

This is Linux ) 
Wine is the best "emulator" (compatibility layer) at this moment at all, if you wanna play Windows games on Linux, you always have to pay the price with lower performance.

See related topic somewhere in topic's list, I created "What about performance..."

As I realized, the Wine is a kind "layer" between linux kernel and between Direct3D (that games extremely using), transforming system calls to understandable in Linux OS to further processing, and It takes CPU time.

Anyway Wine is better (in speed) than any virtual machine for now.

I believe that Wine developers also dreaming when they could reach the higher level with speed of applications work, comparable to native. As they reached that Wine become more stable. 
And I believe if they would have much money (more sponsors) and much more people for development, they could do fantastic things  :)

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