[Wine] "Wine despair" or "Am i a noob or just plain stupid?"

Durin01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 10 07:45:09 CST 2012


I want to share my odysse from yesterday until now with someone who might help me.

(my real problem starts after the mass effect 3 part)

So yesterday I bought MassEffect 3 after reading the topic on it

hmm doesnt sound to bad, lets give it a shot...

Download and install Origin -> check
Download and install ME3 -> doesn't complete installation -> anticipated
killing process as shown in post -> doesnt work -> searching
comment from xanders on origin post -> tried not working
hmm i work with Wine 1.3.28 -> update (Cut and paste old .wine folder to secure it)

WineHq page for updating wine with Ubuntu (German) -> Installation under Gnome and for Wine 1.2, Beta 1.3 .... out of date not helping
Installing Wine 1.4 from code with compiling -> install flex, bison, xorg-dev -> check installation complete
start winecfg -> download gecko -> check
Lets do this thing better -> install prefixes -> wineprefix command not found -> wtf?

Search internet -> no helpful results (search duration: 2-3 hours)
screw that i go back to 1.3.28 -> deinstall wine -> SoftwareCenter -> no wine installed -> wtf?
search internet deinstall wine -> found "# make uninstall" in installation folder -> check but terminal shows no signs of activity -> winecfg "Hi I am still here" -> WTF!?
Search internet how to remove Wine -> no helpful results found -> $%&$/ (Cursing censored)
WineHq Forum -> vent anger and despair -> hoping for help... pending

so I hope somebody reads and understands my problem and is able to help me.

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