[Wine] Re: "Wine despair" or "Am i a noob or just plain

Durin01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 10 10:42:45 CST 2012

thanks for the answer,

I used the command i found on this page:

"codex-m at codex-m-desktop:~$ mkdir grandtheftauto

Step 4. Now that the grandtheftauto folder has been created, let's create the Wine system files and directories for this specific game using Wineprefixcreate:

codex-m at codex-m-desktop:~$ WINEPREFIX="/home/codex-m/grandtheftauto" wineprefixcreate"

and like described here
(wineprefixcreate --prefix ~/.Winetwo)

and the result was:
wineprefixcreate: Befehl nicht gefunden. (Command not found in german)

when I install the .deb packages now will the two installation somehow disturb each other? 
i would delete the 1.4 right now, but as I said I have no idea how...

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