[Wine] Re: "Wine despair" or "Am i a noob or just plain

Durin01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 10 11:48:25 CST 2012

@Ales_G: wine-1.4 but thats to be expected, I installed it after all^^

no not exactly that command I just copy pasted it from the Website so you see it.

@dimesio: sweet that works. Prefix created I'm going to try to install ME3 now.

But just out of curiosity how DO I deinstall a compiled Wine version? As I mentioned # make uninstall doesn't seem to work. Or do I have to chose a different directory as the one I installed it from?

P.S.: It is very sad that all I get when I search the WineWiki for "Prefix" is a whole lot of nothing. How am I supposed to know how the commands are otherwise?

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