[Wine] Compiling & running 1.4 on 64bit

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Sat Mar 10 13:43:30 CST 2012

On Sat, 2012-03-10 at 11:01 -0600, layr wrote:
> Weird. 'which wine' gives no output, yet 'man wine' opens manual page.
> Code:
> laur at debian:~/Downloads$ wine
> bash: wine: command not found
> laur at debian:~/Downloads$ wine64
> bash: /usr/local/bin/wine64: No such file or directory
> laur at debian:~/Downloads$ winecfg
> /usr/local/bin/winecfg: 52: exec: wine: not found
All that means is that the directory containing it isn't in the search
path, $PATH. You have a few choices:

1) use the full pathname of wine64 every time you run it
2) always run it via wrapper script that contains the pathname
3) set the makefile to install wine64 in /usr/local/bin
   *and* make sure /usr/local/bin is in your search path
4) as for (3) but use $home/bin rather than /usr/local/bin
5) set the makefile to install wine64 in /usr/bin but be aware that
   this is a bad practise because it can clobber vital programs
   if the makefile is screwed up.

(1) to (3) are preferable if you'll be doing a lot of compilations
    and/or playing with patches

(4) is preferable if you're compiling your self but fairly infrequently.

If tarball that you download, compile and install puts itself in
either /bin or /usr/bin this shows ignorance on the part of its
packager. Quite apart from anything else, it can get clobbered by a
distro update: these can and do change the contents of these directories
but should never affect programs or scripts in /usr/local/bin or


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