[Wine] Re: Extremely bad performance in games

DL wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 11 00:20:41 CST 2012

Two problems straight off the bat:

1) Your cpu is slow. Wine requires additional CPU power for D3D > OpenGL conversion. In addition GTA IV is a CPU heavy game.

2) Video not that great, and it's ATI which equals poor linux drivers.

That being said, 3FPS still seems excessively slow, even with those factors at play. I would except something closer to 8-15 FPS at a guess, assuming benchmarks on both of your systems are accurate. Which of course is still to slow to bother trying with that hardware, honestly.

Your best bet as far as hardware goes for wine is:

1) Fastest CPU you can find with regard to single thread performance (so i5 2500K overclocked is probably your best bet)

2) Midrange nvidia card. Don't need the fastest card, however, as CPU will still bottleneck it, even an overclocked 2500k.

Oh and finally, you still won't get native windows performance even with the best hardware, at least with most modern games (and even older ones). You'd probably need something ridiculous like a 6GHz SB cpu to reach that (maybe Ivy Bridge will be able to do that). Lets just hope we some more D3D optimisation over the coming months/years, or that hardware catches up.

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