[Wine] Proper Shortcuts!

mrhat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 12 19:20:31 CDT 2012


i was really searching a lot (not only on this board), but im still not able to create reliable Launchers / Shortcuts for Wine Applications.

While there are certainly many ways, which will SOMEtimes work for SOME Apps, I would appreciate it very much if there was a secure, reliable by-the-book way.

So, there are certain apps on my pc, that run fine with wine, but it is of course always a pain in the ass to navigate to their respective folders to click on the exe. For some, Simple Launchers do work. For some, the "env WINEPREFIX=...." method works. Fior some, bash script change directory Method woks. But for some not. 

So: Given a certain path to a certain exe - what would be the ultimate, by-the-book way to guarantee a working launcher?

Thank you very much in advance

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