[Wine] Re: Compiling & running 1.4 on 64bit

qwest wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 12 19:23:02 CDT 2012

Your issue is that you are never compiling the 32-bit component of wine which is required for a vast majority of software that is run in wine.

This is what I got out of a conversation with Scott Ritchie (package maintainer of wine in Ubuntu) a few weeks ago and how I build wine.

~/wine-git - git source
~/wine32 - out-of-tree build directory for 32 bit components
~/wine64 - out-of-tree build directory for 64 bit components

# Compile the 64 bit components
cd ~/wine64
../wine-git/configure --enable-win64

# Compile the 32 bit components
# Do this from a separate amd64 chroot since multiarch isn't mature enough in the current Pangolin beta to allow all the dev packages for wine in both archs to be installed simultaneously
cd ~/wine32
../wine-git/configure --with-wine64=../wine64

If you would like to go one step further and build packages, you should package the 32 bit components and 64 bit components separately and then create a dependency between the two packages.

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