[Wine] Re: Problems with Flatout

portaro wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 12 20:21:49 CDT 2012

Ok with the support of Alex_G i have the answer.

I down the last version of proprietary graphic card in my case is ATI Radeon HD 2400, 

i remove totally the previous drivers, and install it.

in terminal 
$ sh /directory of your ATI installer.


Open the directory of flatout2 game and if you see a directory calls -> savegame, delete.

Launch the game.

In my case the game identify the card with ATI Radeon HD 2350, but the game lunches normally without crashes.

Other thing to preview if game go work is see if the image of presentation game the image of Bugbear appear, and the graphics dont disappear or distort in the menus choices, if this dont occur the game was well configured.

And finally the game works well!!!!!!!!! :D 

OK recorded the message with the error in wine terminal is ->
failed to load /dat/Database/FlatOut2.db.

Curiously this message is realtioned with graphic card mismatch!

I hope this thread help other users, with my problem.

And Now i can run for my shop and buy the game because i am sure he works well in my Linux.

Thanks for big support of Alex_G.


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