[Wine] Re: FFXIV (further debugging; tweaking)

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 13 09:27:53 CDT 2012

Allendar wrote:
> Thank you for your reply dimesio. I know it's outdated, but the FFXIV installation takes like 1-1.5 hour, so I'm just wanted to test in that version (it's not that old, right?). Also I don't see why I couldn't post this information here. Wineskin is just wrapping WINE packages. The log I showed is purely based on WINE's own error-logging.

Because we have no way of knowing what's in that wrapper: whether the Wine is unmodified, or whether any winetricks or other tweaks have been applied. I believe doh123 is working on a way for Wineskin users to test plain Wine so they can post logs here, but until that is ready, if you want help here, you need to build Wine yourself and post logs from that. 

You do need to upgrade: versions older than 1.4 are no longer supported.

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