[Wine] Re: Presentation mode in Power Point 2007 with 2 screens

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 13 11:03:50 CDT 2012

Alex_G wrote:
> Yep. All effects were on their places. I've used MS PowerPoint 2007, saved the file to ppt 97-2003 format, nothing from decor or effects were lost. They become lost only when opening pptx format.

You are correct that Impress does a better job of handling ppt files than pptx, though my experience has been that even with simple ppt files the placement of the text is slightly off when opened in Impress, so each slide has to be manually fixed, and if the fixed file is then later opened in Powerpoint (2003 or 2007), the placement of the text has to be adjusted back to what it was in the first place. This seemingly insignificant difference is a major problem if there are graphics inserted in precise positions in relation to the text. 

Now for your next test, try opening a Powerpoint with embedded video that is set to play on click in Impress.

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