[Wine] Higher than normal CPU usage in wine 1.4

jsims2359 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 13 12:47:35 CDT 2012

I'm seeing abnormally high CPU usage in win32 apps. Is anyone else seeing this? 

I am aware that wine will introduce mild overhead in some apps and severe overhead in others, but what I'm witnessing seems a little excessive as it seems to be across the board. I'm trying to identify what I'm doing wrong, because I'm observing the same behavior across different distributions, different architectures, and different video driver revisions. So it's either a problem with my build environment or a bug in wine 1.4 (or both). My rig is a Core i7-920 with 6Gb of ram and an NVIDIA 295 GTX with 295.20 drivers.

For example, let's take Steam.exe. Execute steam with wine in one terminal window with env WINEDEBUG="-all" set and the open another terminal window and run "top". You should see Steam.exe taking up maybe 15%-25% cpu, that's what I would deem "normal" overhead, as it corresponds with what I've seen in previous versions of wine. 

Now simply move your mouse pointer around inside the Steam application's window and take a look at the top command in the other terminal window. You should see Steam.exe approaching 100% CPU usage. Once you stop moving the mouse around, Steam.exe should settle back down to ~20%.

I've been using Fedora 16 x86 and x86_64 as well as Linux Mint 12 x86_64. I always compile from source and all of those distros use some flavor of gcc 4.6. I didn't think this would be an issue because I always disable Steam Community stuff.

When I run ./configure, I'm usually missing libhal, OSSv4, gphoto, OpenCL, and gstreamer development libraries. I don't think the lack of these would be causing my issue. 

When I build on 32bit Fedora 16, I'm only missing libhal and OSSv4 and I still see the high CPU usage in the Steam.exe example.

On the 64bit distros, when I run ./configure, I set CC="gcc -m32 -march=i686". 

I'd like to know if anyone else sees this behavior, if not, and I have introduced this problem, I'd like to discuss what a proper wine build environment looks like given the current crop of distros and kernels. Actually, I'd like to discuss build environments even if I didn't introduce this high CPU usage.

Thanks everyone!

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