[Wine] Re: Installing Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 14 06:06:41 CDT 2012

syncone wrote:
> I was trying to install THAW in Wine on my MacBook Pro Late 2011.
> In fact everything worked fine, but when I am starting my .app the Game starts, but there is nothing to see exept an empty Display. The Sound is working, but I can't see anything. Also the Game is working, so I can scoll through the menus. I'm a newbie in porting Games from Windows to Mac so I don't have any Idea what to do.
> The wrappers already available are not working that is why I wanted to try on my own. I tried with another Game (quiet Old :D) called Swing, and --> the same Problems
> I hope anyone could give me a solution or a hint 

Ask on the WineSkin forum. This forum is for plain Wine.

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