[Wine] Re: Has anyone tried to intall CoolNovo with Wine?

Pandorabox wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 14 19:56:40 CDT 2012

I need it primarily because I need CoolNovo's IE tab function.

I once installed IE7 itself on Mac with Wine, but it had several problems, so I didn't quite find it useful (For example, it does not show any webpage whose url begins with https://, and does not show the notifying message at the top of the window) So I was just wondering whether it would be better to use CoolNovo's IE tab function instead.

I need this to cope with my bank account. The online system for my bank is based on active x. I installed the active x software itself already, but the IE7 does not let me proceed as the online system is also based on https://. I am tired of borrowing my roommate's Toshiba every time I need to handle my bank account.

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