[Wine] itunes must work with wine or els!!!

Michael(A) wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 14 23:25:46 CDT 2012

Hello, I'm not a software developer but I am a full time Ubuntu user!, I also really Love Linux.
Heres the thing tho I try to get my friends into using Linux and dropping windows! But a lot of them do not want to try out Linux or give it a chance because the first thing they ask is does itunes work with Linux? I tell them about the alternative like banshee and rhythm box and they still refuse to give Linux a try sadly. My favorite is banshee and I like everything it comes with, personally I don't like or would Never use itunes, But unfortunately people Love itunes and probably would Never stop using itunes, especially this week with the new ipad that just came out!. Lest be honest tho nobody's ever going to want to switch from windows to Linux if itunes doesn't work with Linux tons of people have iphones and ipads and itunes is very easy and very convenient for them as appose to Linux because we all know that Linux doesn't work with itunes. SO if there is anyone out there that could make I tunes work with wine flawlessly or maybe tweak I tunes for mac os x to work with Linux and make it open source that would be awesome!! :)

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