[Wine] Wine window glitch (WoW)

Whiteknight wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 15 01:37:53 CDT 2012

I've only really started using wine and linux on my pc. Already set up and have working WoW on wine but i find difficulty when changing windows away from the open wine window.
 First noticing this when I tried to take a screenshot of my WoW screen, the screen then flashed with the blue back ground of my wine window, I was unable to return to it without completely shutting off wine and going back into it. Finding anyway the screenshot had taken a picture of my desktop background. 
Even in windowed mode when running WoW my screen keeps flashing everytime i mouse out of the window. Its not a major problem but it means i cannot open any other window or take screenshots inside wine. Sorry for any lack of detail or knowledge as i said im very new to the whole operating system and program.
I thank you for your patience and welcome any and all advice, if it helps im running Ubuntu and wine 1.3.15

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