[Wine] Re: Error running apps from network share

Alex_G wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 16 09:58:04 CDT 2012

Only COM/DCOM dlls must be registered, other dlls doesn't need for it.

I think, getting those errors most likely means that some registry keys are absent.

Can you run these applications in Windows? With a help of "Process Monitor" (Sysinternals) you can trace which registry keys your program reads/writes. 

1. Run Process Monitor
2. Run your application
3. Click on "Filter" button, in first drop-down choose "by Command Line", and then search your program in second drop-down list, choose it.
4. Unpress all the buttons ('Process-Thread activity', 'File activity', e.t.c), except of 'Registry activity'.
5. Close the app, clean activity window, and run your app again
6. Look to the list of registry keys appearing in activity window (you can save it).

After all go to regedit, open those branches, do export to a file.

Then go to the Wine, open its regedit, do import from the file.

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