[Wine] Error opening terminal: Unknown | Ubuntu 64 bits / PHP /

CTCCoco wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 20 05:23:51 CDT 2012

Hey guys, I'm doing a control panel for my little business, and I need to run .exe gameservers (a Mount & Blade: Warband gameserver) which is only for Windows.

It works perfect through Wine without PHP / www-data (apache2) user.

This is the command that I use:

nohup wineconsole --backend=curses (.exe server location and configuration file).

i have tryed very different commands, and this is the error which I get at least, or nothing (blank):

Error opening terminal: Unknown.

While I'm trying to run the gameserver through the .php / www-data user I see with top the process activity, and I see that wineserver process is show up and then crash or something in 2 seconds...

I repeat, this works perfect with ROOT.

I need some help please, so thanks for these people who help me.

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