[Wine] No Anti-Aliasing in Warcraft 3?

antialias wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 21 09:04:20 CDT 2012

Hello, Wine Users!

I'm on Debian Sid (x86_64) using fglrx. Wine version is stable 1.4.0

The driver is working fine and I can play Warcraft 3 with 1920x1080 resolution with highest settings, getting about 100 FPS. Now, that's the fine part.

Now the problem:

I can't get anti-aliasing to work. It doesn't matter what options I select or deselect in the Catalyst Control Center, nothing will smooth the edges.

I also used winetricks to enable 'Multisampling', still not working.

Has anybody of you managed to get aa working in Warcraft 3? If yes, please tell me how.

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