[Wine] Version 4.3 Preview: void warehouse [update]

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Thu Mar 22 09:16:08 CDT 2012

All the time, players want to have a place to store a variety of important memorabilia, such as rare equipment, a unique quest, the friend gift, or some valuable items in Azeroth (WoW) journey.
That is why we want to add some features into games, and we are very excited to tell you that, thanks to the Ethereal’s (WoW) entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity, and a new long-term storage room will be open to you to store a variety of leisure and collectibles in the future versions. 
Knapsack search: find what you want
Now you might think "Well, the Spirit of the Void has well done, more storage space is great! But how do I find what I have? Do you know how long need I to find a bag of Mo Daddy's pet biscuits? It seems to be a year? Well, maybe 15 minutes. In any case, even to give your Raptor baby are not worth my time, I love that fertilizer Raptor baby.
Do not worry! We seal the deal. In addition to the vanity warehouse, we also joined a backpack search function in the 4.3 patch (WoW), you only need to enter a few keywords in your bank to search for what you need in backpack.
Directly integrated into the backpack and the Bank of plug-ins, the search function is very convenient and easy to use. In your backpack, personal banking, or the guild bank to find an item, you just simply type the name of the item - or a word. At the top of the search, your keywords will be displayed, which will help you when you need to find what you want immediately.
It should be noted that the void warehouse and the upcoming backpack search feature are still improving, so their function may get changed before formally launched. We are very pleased that we will be able to provide these features in the future (Of course, we still need to wait, you know ......), and provide new information for everyone in the development of the 4.3 patch.
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