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Fri Mar 23 00:15:41 CDT 2012

For Ubuntu 10.04LTS (both 32-bit and 64-bit) I had to add some steps to the prior "IT WORKS!" noted by dimesio:

dimesio wrote:
> Here's the exact formula I followed:
> 1. Use Wine 1.3.21 with a clean wineprefix.
> 2. Install dotnet20 and ie7 with winetricks.
> 3. Set gdiplus to native, builtin in winecfg.
> 4. Install Livezilla.

The following should assist potentially any error messages when starting the LiveZilla Client or LiveZilla Server Admin associated with fonts (Sans Serif Regular and Arial Regular in particular in my case).

5. Copy from a Microsot Windows system (Windows XP Professional was used in my case) the C:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory to your Linux user's ~/.fonts (make this directory if need be). 
NOTE: There are various locations in Linux/GNU in which fonts can be kept. These locations are defined in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf; standard ones include /usr/share/fonts, /usr/local/share/fonts, and /home/<username>/.fonts (where <username> is your user name). 

6. Manually create soft links for the Arial fonts in ~/.fonts (or however done from Step 5's NOTE above) as follows:

ln -sf arial.ttf Arial.ttf
ln -sf arialbd.ttf Arial_Bold.ttf
ln -sf arialbi.ttf Arial_Bold_Italic.ttf
ln -sf ariali.ttf Arial_Italic.ttf

This should address a prior comment about how LiveZilla might be calling the various Fonts from the Windows side.

7. Update the system's and user's fonts. 
sudo fc-cache -f -v

LiveZilla Client or Admin should work from there.  

:D Thanks once again to those who contributed previously on this thread indeed. :D

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