[Wine] The review of Earth fission - Task design Dave'Fargo'Kosak

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Sat Mar 24 05:45:03 CDT 2012

As the the first review series of "WoW: the earth fission", we invited the chief task of WoW: theesigner Dave "Fargo" Kosak to discuss with you about his views on the mission design about earth fission.

Q: And we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages in the region of 80-85 level?

We aim to create the global catastrophe atmosphere; we apportioned the top region to each corner of the world (underwater, desert, earth elemental planes). However, from the results point of view, they are not as correlation as we expected. You can get a completely different experience in different areas, but they don’t connect to each other in geographically. This is the part future improvement that our should focus on - "WoW is a major characteristic is the spatial geographic sense, a complete, connected to each other, to explore the world.

 Q: Let's talk more about the 4.2 patch. Whether the daily tasks of the flame to imply that a development direction for the future?

It is clearly. We were able to encourage many players by day-to-day. "Daily" used to mean you should click on the same task of NPC everyday, and to do the same two or three tasks at the same venue. Here, we were able to let the story slowly advancing in the daily tasks of the process a few weeks, but your mission objectives are different every day, the environment changes dynamically. We think this is great.
Further, we intend to create more such opportunities - more incentive ways to the players, and more independent by the full-level players to get cool rewards. Our ambition is great.

Q: We have not yet discussed the issue of the goblins and werewolves. what lessons should we learn from the novice area of the two races draw?

These two new races, the novice area really reflects their style and tone. Werewolf novice the Gothic style is very heavy, but Corzine thorough and clearly reflects the style of the Goblin. It is so great art and task integration, so this is a great success.
As for game mechanics, I'm glad we had a multi-experiment, but the general feeling is that we are a little "clever" too far of the part of the novice experience of these players? Everyone agrees that the Goblin novice experience commence too wild.
We take this lesson from this piece of absorption information.
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