[Wine] Best glide wrapper under wine

mr jingle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 24 10:52:10 CDT 2012

Has anybody found out which is the best glide wrapper to use under recent versions of wine?

I'm trying to play some old windows games from the late '90s on my iMac (ATI 5670), most of them do not support neither opengl nor Direct3D, just Glide. I've tried running under Bootcamp / Windows 7, but it seems that right now wine has become more compatible for such software than windows itself.

Some ancient tests are shown by AppDB for such libraries, but by reading their description it seems that such results are no more applicable. If it wasn't enough, more recent wrappers are Direct3D only (nglide, psvoodoo).

I'm aware that such API contraption ( Glide wrapper translated to Direct3D calls and again translated to OpenGL calls by WineD3D) would hardly show correct results, so I'm asking if anybody had any luck with them even before wasting my time to find out that none of them work correctly.

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