[Wine] New to Linux (Xubuntu) - Install Oxford Thesaurus + Dict?

writebunny wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 25 02:02:36 CDT 2012

Hello all, 

I am a brand new user of Xubuntu. Please assume I know nothing worthwhile about how to do anything with Wine or Xubuntu - I am a rookie. With the help of various forums - I've been able to do quite a bit so far - but only with their good directions, or I'd be lost. 

I've read your pages and see that some versions of Oxford's dictionary and thesaurus have run on older versions of Wine. I am desperately trying to figure out if I can run some version of Oxford's thesaurus and hopefully their dictionary through Wine on Xubuntu. Can I do this? (I haven't purchased the Oxford software yet - but I could be older software if that would be easier to run?)

Prior to Xubuntu I was a mac user for 15+ years. The one thing I dearly miss is the Oxford American Thesaurus and Dictionary that comes with the OS. It is spectacular. I have tried all the free versions for Linux - and while they are nice, they just don't hold a candle to the one I'm used to. I'm hoping if I can buy a windows version on DVD or CD or whatever, I might run it through Wine.

Also - when I briefly installed Wine tonight, I didn't understand a darned thing of what I saw on screen. I opened Wine Tricks - and tried clicking to install software, but I didn't understand what it asked me beyond that step. I uninstalled it out of frustration. 

Can you help? 

Thanks in advance.

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