[Wine] Re: Guild Wars 2 for wine - what is needed?

Etude wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 25 11:18:03 CDT 2012

Guild Wars 2 for wine - Thanks

lensor wrote:
> Very soon Guild Wars 2, the MMO we've all been waiting for (right? right!) is coming, and I would like to do my part to make sure that it runs under Wine from day one. Especially as GW1 is one of the top-performing games under Wine. 
> Now I am not an avid coder, but I will pre-purchase the CE, and with it comes access to all the beta events between April 10 and release. So there should be plenty of time to optimize.
> So, what can I do?
> Logs? (what types)
> Testing?
> Grunt work? (i.e. things that take time to do but one maybe does not have to have extensive programming experience to do. I am a fast learner though, so if only there are clear instructions I can do most things).
> Anything I should do/try first?
> Thanks for any input.  :D

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