[Wine] Re: Where does Wine store the Font settings?

Bamm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 27 00:31:14 CDT 2012

vitamin wrote:
> You might be searching for the wrong words. Or in the wrong wineprefix. What exact settings have you changed?

In winecfg, clicked on Desktop Integration, and changed the fonts. Let's say, I chose Lucida Grande. Now wine regedit search does show Lucida Grande, but only in the list of fonts installed, not a setting for fonts. I checked the user.reg and system.reg file using gedit and searched for Lucida Grande and couldn't find them either.

I also tried other fonts, and same thing, couldn't find their setting. Where does wine store them if not in the registry?

I asked because I want to export a reg file that I can just import whenever I create a new wine prefix.

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