[Wine] Re: Mouse Problem: Cannot aim

stonix_015 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 28 10:41:02 CDT 2012


I know exactly that i didnt had this bug with / 903 AND 1.12
I passed all of the xserver updates since ive got my linux system here.

So i made a PGKBUILD with xorg-server package
I was wondering that Xorg as itself worked after it because i didnt invested much work and i expected lots of other failures.

But my own xorg-package worked and i had got still the same error.
After it i added your linked patch file to my package and TADAAAA !!!! suddenly it works fine.

Thats the only reason i often change back to kubuntu: Arch linux has often not traceable errors and bugs, other system not have. :(

But for next time im going to have lots of fun still playing games with linux and winehq, thank you for your support

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